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When aging starts to catch up with you, it’s often the cumulative effect of multiple changes in your body, from a weaker immune system and cells that don’t regenerate the way they should, to plasma that has lost beneficial components. Juventas in San Marcos, Texas offers plasma treatments to reverse these changes. When plasma therapy is used, it has the potential to restore cellular functionality and help you regain health and vitality.

Rejuvenation Q&A

What is cellular degeneration?

The individual cells in your body are exposed to diverse sources of biochemical stress. In response, cells may die, stop dividing but live, or they can mutate and spawn disease. Stem cells also lose functionality as they get older.

Cellular aging, or cellular senescence, is directly related to structures in your DNA called telomeres. Telomeres are like caps that cover the ends of a strand of DNA. Every time a cell duplicates using DNA, the telomeres get shorter. As telomeres shorten, cells age and stop working properly.

What is the impact of cellular senescence?

As you get older, senescent cells accumulate and secrete inflammatory substances. Cellular senescence is implicated in many degenerative and chronic diseases associated with aging:

  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Macular degeneration
  • Atherosclerosis

When was the connection between plasma therapy and cellular rejuvenation discovered?

In 2005, Stanford University scientists studied conjoined mice – one old and one young – and discovered two things:

  • Age of plasma significantly contributes to stem cells’ ability to regenerate new cells.
  • Stem cells in the older mouse regenerated when exposed to plasma from the younger mouse.

When the same scientists duplicated their research in 2016 using a better way to add plasma, they got the same results: young plasma transfused into the older mouse triggered rejuvenation and repair of tissues.

They also learned that it worked in reverse. When young mice received older plasma, the young mice suffered from inhibited brain cell development and reduced stem cell function.

When another researcher at Stanford University took a different approach and injected blood from young mice into old mice, the physical endurance and cognitive function of the old mice improved.

How does Plasma Therapy rejuvenate old cells?

When an older person’s plasma is addedwith plasma from a donor aged 18-25, the young plasma provides beneficial factors that decline with aging.

Rejuvenates cells: Aging cells cause tissue damage and dysfunction; young plasma contains factors that stimulate vital cell growth and function.

Boosts the immune system: Adding young plasma rejuvenates the immune system. This is important because aging often weakens the immune system, which makes older people three times more susceptible to infection.

Reduces chronic inflammation: Plasma therapy eliminates pro-inflammatory factors.

Can Plasma Therapy reduce wrinkles?

There is some support for the notion that these therapies can help. Several studies indicate that plasma therapy is beneficial for every organ, and the skin is the largest of them all. Additionally, other medical professionals who administer these therapies have reported wrinkle reduction in their patients.

However, wrinkle reduction is not a primary concern at Juventas. Our overriding objective is to alleviate the debilitating conditions that are all too common among the elderly. If our patients find that these therapies also reduce the appearance of wrinkles, that’s a further benefit of their treatment.